Boston Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can have a significant impact on your finances and your parental rights; a Boston divorce lawyer can help you protect your rights and finances before, during, and after a separation.  A divorce is either contested or non contested.  When two parties can agree on general terms then they can pursue a non-contested divorce.  This is less acrimonious, less expensive, and overall less time-consuming for sides.  However, when both parties do not agree on the majority of issues, a contested divorce is often necessary.  

A Fault Versus No Fault Divorce

In Massachusetts, there is a fault divorce and a no fault divorce.  In addition, fault and no-fault divorce can either be contested or non-contested.  Grounds for fault in a divorce include adultery, domestic abuse, impotency, and imprisonment.  Receiving an opinion on your divorce from a Boston divorce lawyer is important especially at the early stages of your divorce proceedings.  The consequences of a final divorce agreement can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of your children so receiving thoughtful and intelligent legal advice from a Boston divorce lawyer is especially important.  

Divorce Funding

When you are unable to pursue an equitable divorce because you cannot afford a top shelf Boston divorce lawyer, you might consider divorce funding.  Divorce funding can be used for attorney’s fees, asset investigation, fraud investigation, forensic accounting investigation, and reasonable lifestyle support.  There is often an imbalance in many divorce cases when one spouse has significantly more financial resources than the other spouse.   Divorce funding or a loan on lawsuits can be an option for a spouse without financial means.  Often times a spouse with larges finances can drag out court proceedings and drive up costs, hide assets until the other party concedes.  A Boston divorce lawyer can advise on seeking out a trusted funding source.